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SEP. 21-22, 28-29

11AM - 5PM




The Tour

IT'S HERE . . . IN ITS 16th YEAR!
Over 100 artists will open their studios City-wide both weekends from 11 AM until 5 PM. 


Deborah Allison

Keith Bailey

Luisa Baldinger

Steve Barr

Brad Bealmear

Carole Belliveau

Stan Berning

Lisa Bick

Michael Billie

Bonnie Binkert

Misha Bittleston

Rachel Bounds

Carole Bowker

Thomas Bowker

Daniel Brown

Michele Byrne

Michael Coop

Rob Davenport

Deb Davis-Livaich

Martina De Avila

Jerry Defrese

Leah Devine Pokrasso

Crista Dixon

Paul du Coudray
Brian Edward

Selena Engelhart

Robbi Firestone

Wendy Foster

Jane Frederick

Cindy Fry

Trevor Goring

Shayna Grandbois

Rosemarie Green

Mireille Haboucha

Albert Handell

John Harmon

L. Thayer Hutchinson

Lindsay Iliff

Linda Ingraham

Suzy Johnson

Kristine Keheley

Cheryl Kelley

Gerd J. Kunde

Heidi Kutchin

Bettina Lancaster

Joanna Leffeld

Heidi Loewen

Linda Logan-Condon

Janis Luedke

Hank Lumen

Joyce Robins

Diane G Rolnick

Roxanne Rossi

Mary Ann Salomone

Debra Self

Mark Sharrock

Jane Shoenfeld

Sandy Short

Melinda Silver

Sharon Sorken

Sabrina Staires

Monika Steinhoff

R Dianne Stewart

Bonnie Teitelbaum

Emily Timberlake

Carol Tippit Woolworth

Anne Vidovich-O'Shea

John Wagner

Barbara Weber Yoffee

Stephanie West

Robert Wilhelm

Marcia Williams

Laura Yeats

Bette Yozell

David Zeiset

Janet Lynn

Patrick Lysaght

Sara M Novenson

Patricia Marin Miranda

Kiki Martinez

Peter McCarthy

Barbara McCulloch

Sandy McDaniel

Darlene McElroy

Marilyn McEvoy

Saundra McPherson

Sara Miller

Kirsty Morris

Richard Nicholas

Philip Nichols

Eva Nicolait

Shan Ogdemli

Douglas Oliver

Ron Pokrasso

Colin Poole

Kristine Poole

Veronica Primerano

Nancy Reyner

Vivienne Riggio

Kate Rivers

Sandy McDaniel Horses


Our workshop page is coming soon! This year's Tour features many events, workshops, and talks, offering exciting opportunities to delve deeper into the artistic process and hone your skills alongside artists and fellow artenthusiasts.

2024 Tour Map

Santa Fe Studio Tour

SFSAC - An All-Volunteer Arts Organization

A New Mexico Non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, PO Box 6882,
Santa Fe NM 87502


Contact Us:
Phone: (505) 695-1244


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We are thrilled and honored to grace the pages of this year's Southwest Contemporary's Fall New Mexico Guide, which celebrates Studio Tours throughout the state. Dive into the artistic heart of New Mexico with 'The Insider's View: Studio Tours Across New Mexico. Click the link below to embark on a visual journey like no other!

Southern Contemporary Fall Guide


Step into the vibrant world of creativity with our 2024 Studios page, where we've meticulously curated the artistic landscape of Santa Fe into four distinct neighborhoods: Historic, Old Pecos Trail, Southside, and Midtown/La Tierra. Explore an eclectic array of studios, each a haven for artistic expression and innovation. Get ready to embark on a visual odyssey like no other, where every studio holds a story waiting to be shared. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, let our 2024 Studios page guide you to uncover the rich tapestry of Santa Fe's artistic heritage.

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